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  • Pedro Vidal

3 Harsh Truths Lame Photographers Will Deny.

1 - Quantity leads to quality.

The more you shoot, the more you build something.

The more you get out there more “chances” you'll find.

2 - You can't achieve relevance on purpose.

It’s a dirty move to aim on a subject to try to get attention for you.

Focus on stuff relevant to you.

Your work will speak for itself after you're done.

3 - Pratice alone won't take you anywhere.

If you’re hoping to get better only by shooting you’re gonna fail.

Spending time doing something bad over and over again wont make you any better.

Studying is the only way to give perspective about what you’re doing.

4 – Success doesn't mean you’re good.

You can be adored by lots of people who knows nothing about photography.

5 - Not having sucess also doesnt mean you're good.

"People don't understand my work" is a frequent quote from those with gradiosity syndrom.

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