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  • Pedro Vidal

3 lessons i've learned from Susan Meiselas.

Susan is an outstanding photographer associated to Magnum Photos and very well known for her documentary work.

1 - “You don’t always have to know what you’re doing while you are doing it.”

Photography can be unpredictable. You’re knowledge about what you do must be inside you when you’re out there shooting.

2 – “As a photographer I don’t look to people as objects”.

Understand the relations and the reasons of the people you photograph, if you see people as scenery your photos will be soulless.

3 – Relationships are important.

Don’t stand anywhere as an outsider, be part and get to know the places and subjects you’re photographing.

Susan’s photographs are deep and personal and still very political and strong. Engage with things that matters, as photographs are an extent to your feelings, that is the only way to get expressive images.

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