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  • Pedro Vidal

3 Tips for dancers to get a good photo portfolio.

Having a impressive portfolio is essential for any dancer, to start new projects, auditions, to join a company and more. But this attempt to drawn attention to you can easily fail and make your portfolio be dismissed right away.

So here are 3 tips to make your portfolio stand out.

1 - Avoid excess.

Don't fall for a style full of light effects, photoshop or too much production.

Go for a clean style, something that can see you well, so the viewer can see truth on it.

2 - Choose something with character.

Companies sees hundreds of portfolios and they all look the same. Either they are very boring or very artificial.

Use a warmer approach with different photos in between, portraits and full bodyshots, to create a personal connection with the viewer.

3 - Pick the right photographer.

Most photographers are more worried if the photo will look good for him than for you.

Choose someone that knows and follows dance beyond their studio.

Dance is all about presence, no matter what you do, do something you feel connected with, that when you look to it you see yourself for real. You're more like to get where you dream to by truly connecting with people who sees your work.

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