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  • Pedro Ramos

3 unusual photography tips for beginners.

When we first start shooting it´s very easy to fall into mistakes and get stuck into bad habits . So here is 3 practical tips I've learned the hard way.

1 - The Iso is your friend.

It´s a common mistake to be scared of increasing the ISO because of the noise, but in fact, increasing the ISO can make you assure the right speed and aperture for the scene.

You can save a noisy picture but a blurred or out of focus picture there´s nothing you can do.

2 - Forget wide open apertures.

Many have this addiction to always shoot f1.8 f2.8 or even lower. Blur your background but that will make you lazy with composition.

Think of how you compose to make your subject fit in a space, use the background to say something, don´t just erase everything behind them.

Besides, shooting with mid range apertures can take the best of your lens and guarantee your subject will be in focus.

3 - Zooms are for lazy people.

Stop zooming in on everything. Just stop.

When you´re out shooting, try to pick a focal distance and stick with it.

Walk closer and further to your subjects and think about the things on your surroundings to find the best composition.

Zooming in and out will make your vision lazy and your photos look inconsistent.

When we are starting out it´s easy to get lost and don´t know what we are doing, so just go out there and try it out as much as you can and don be hard with yourself!

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