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  • Pedro Vidal

5 Photographers you don’t know because of Sexism.

We all know that photography have always been a man dominated scene. Luck for all of us this is changing quickly, but history was not fair with most great photographers we had in the past.
Here is 5 I recommend checking out.

1 – Lee Miller.

She was a very talented photo-journalist and modern artist, who was always shadowed by her story with Man Ray.

2 – Inge Morath.

A great photo-journalist which was working with Capa, HCB and Ernst Hass in Magnum, although here name is not notorious as theirs.

3 – Eve Arnold.

Another Magnum photographer, one of the first too. She was an active voice on under-representation of women in photography and the objectification of woman celebrities.

4 - Claude Cahun

Claude identify as A-gender and it was an activist on the matter. She works mostly with surrealists self-portraits surrounding the gender subject.

5 - Margaret Bourke-White

She was one of the first documentary photographers of the 20 century. The first western photographer allowed to enter URSS.

This is a very short resume. Please go read some more on your own.

Unfortunately there’s even more we don’t even get to know.

It’s also important to notice how when you google a female photographer you find pictures of her and not pictures they took, as it happens to man.

We all win by living in a more fair world.
Support feminism, lets echo their voices.
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