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Books to understand photography: Stephen Shore - The Nature of Photographs.

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

This has been one of my first books and my favorites. With it I learned how to aim and understand photographs, to make them with more awareness and observe them.

Stephen Shore is one of the great names of the photography of the last siglo, he has more than 25 books published and is recognized with honor in great museums of contemporary art.

In this book Stephen takes a step back in an exercise of observing photographs and disassembles them from 5 points of view.

- The nature of the photographs.

- Physical level.

- Representative level

- mental level

- and mentality construction

Stephen makes a provocation ¨A photograph is an image delimited by 4 borders¨, and from there he can understand the elements that make up a photo and discuss the reason for them.

This is an excellent guide to clarify our ideas on how to build and read photographs. To understand how to be objective with the elements that make up your image.

It is very easy to read and has impactful practical ideas.

And as “good readers make excellent writers, good observers make excellent photographers”, this is a great book to start.

This is very short review, if you want to know more, search for the book that is quite easy to find, send me a message that we talk to you.

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