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  • Pedro Ramos

Photography gear matters?

Of course it matters, but not for the reason many stands for.

Here are 3 things to consider when finding the best gear for you:

1 - Pick something that makes you want to use it.

Pick a camera that eager you to shoot. That feels good at your hand. That you like how it looks.

Your gear must motivates you to create more.

2 - The less, the best.

Try to be compact. In this way you'll feel more comfortable and have more control when shooting, and less things to deal with.

3 - Pixels does not matter.

Don't choose a camera based on technical specifications. (Unless you do something specific like sports or wildlife. Set a parameter and don't get crazy with specs).

All cameras will do more than you need to. Usually photos are not good of the photographer not the camera.

All the legendary photographers from before 2000 (and way back) had way worse gear than any of us have now. Your photographs will be good based on how much you study, practice and go out shooting, not on resolution.

Cameras are just tools, invest in your vision first!
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