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I'm a brazilian photographer based in Barcelona, Spain.

Pedro Vidal, born in 1986 in Brazil, is a portraiture and documentary photographer based in Barcelona, Spain.

"Photography came up late in my life but i was always connected to art. I found photography a way to be close to those things that I found splendid, a passport to places and situations i wouldn't be if it wasn't for the camera. At the same time, I can create art on itself and share my view with others.”

Pedro Vidal have a degree in International Relations, a professional studies and a postgrad degree in photography and his work was published and exhibited in different places such as El Periódico, National Geographic Brazil, Photogenic Festival and more.


F-STOP - 2023

LF Magazine - 2023

Photographic Mercadillo - 2023

Revolta - 2023

Le Cool Barcelona- 2022

ELLE - 2022

DOCU Magazine - 2021

Spectaculum Magazine - 2021

F-STOP - 2020 

Keep it Casual - 2020

El Periódico - 2019 

Nakid Magazine - 2019

P-Magazine - 2018

B-Authentique - 2018

Revista By - 2017
National Geographic Brazil 2016/2015


LATIR - Semana Cultural Latino Americana - Barcelona, Spain 2023

Photogenic Festival - Barcelona, Spain 2020.

F-Stop Group Exhibition - 2021

Prizes and Contests

International Photo Contest Alicia Alonso, UNESCO. Cuba, 2021.


Professional Photography Degree. SENAC - São Paulo, Brazil.

Master in Advanced Photography and Editorial IDEP - Barcelona Spain

Degree on International Relations Rio Banco - São Paulo, Brazil.


Paolo Gasparini - Sebastião Salgado - Peters Andersen - Martin Parr - Maria Speus - Annie Leibovitz (Online)



Duda Beat, Lalo de Almeida,

Andrzej Karenski, SIWO,

Mél Semé, Annick Weerts, João Costa Lima, Jorge da Rocha, Papa Orbe, Mariona Carrasco

Akira Liones, Óscar Arboleda,

Nu Epoque, Tomas Fosch,

Isabel Berlanga, Mislene Montoro,

Clara Olondriz, Christa Adams,

Alexandra Lacaita, Catriona Grimes,

Mirva Kaarina, Solene Milcent,

Venâncio Silva, Victoria Alleta.



Suben Art Managment




Ballet Nacional de Cuba
Centre de Dansa de Catalunya

Compañía Nacional de Danza de España

Ballet Ruso Barcelona

Ballet de Barcelona

Masnou Ballet

Royal Ballet Clara Iriê

Sào Paulo Cia de Dansa

Cisne Negro

El Yiyo

Barcelona City Ballet


+34 611 450 695

Barcelona. Spain.

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