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By The Sea

Moments found by the ocean.

Pedro Vidal-8158.jpg
London London

Street captures around the city of London.

Pedro Vidal-104.jpg

Story about Peru.

Pedro Vidal-3442.jpg

Poetic view over the natural expressions from Patagonia.

Pedro Vidal-5.jpg

An abstract story of a weightless body.

Pedro Vidal-1357.jpg
Thin Air

An experiment over the body movment with Aina Chezlo.

Pedro Vidal-0229.jpg
Color Stories

Colorful insigths around the city.

Pedro Vidal-9884.jpg

Captures from this traditional ritual from Catalunya, Spain

Pedro Vidal-7605.jpg
Horses Are Animals

Story in a horses farm in São Paulo, Brazil.

Pedro Vidal-9204.jpg
Shadow Stories

Street story on light and contrast in Barcelona, Spain.

Pedro Vidal-7660.jpg

Collection of images regarding the pattern of our surfaces.

Pedro Vidal-1.jpg

An experiment with bodyshape and natural contrasts.

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