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Serra Azul

Serra Azul is a series that takes place on a cattle breeding farm in southeastern Brazil, near a town called Monteiro Lobato. The farm is dedicated to creating, maintaining and reproducing cows for meat production and acts locally. Contrary to what is usually associated with this activity, there is no disastrous and abusive environment.

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For them what they do is as natural as going to work in an office or in a store and the caricature that urban society makes of this environment does not correspond to the ingenuity that is present there. They are hard-working and honest people, who bring food to many families.
The series is developed on the antagonistic relationship, but quite light and abstract, between life, death and their characters. The story refrains from aggressively approaching this conflict, opting for a poetic interpretation of this duality, a more emotional perspective, without the cliche of violence that does not correspond to the natural environment in which everything occurs.

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Serra Azul proposes a sentimental reflection on this mechanic beyond the pretense of targeting victims or villains, simply a pure expression of a reality set there and a small tribute to these hardworking people.

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