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Cabrera: A life at the sea.

This is the portrait of the life around a fishing boat, Cabrera.

Cabrera is a seine boat, for sardine and the like, who go out every night at the coast of Cataluña, Spain, fishing at dawn, to bring in the morning the fish that thousands of people consume every day. It is a boat like any other and that is why it is so important, because it faithfully represents and reproduces the life of this working class, the fishermen.

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Much is said about eating healthy, conscious consumption, local and responsible production, benefits of consuming fish, etc., but little is recognized about the immense work behind these demands. Most people have no idea how the fish get out of the sea and get into their homes.

The life of an independent fisherman, in a cooperative, owner of his own boat, of the "patron" and his sailors, of mechanics, "boatmen", "netfixers" is not easy. They change day for night in a very hard work, spending more time at sea than on land.

Cabrera, the "patron" of the boat, is the fourth generation of fishermen in his family, now without anyone to replace him. The youngest patrons are 45 or 50 years old and they are few, most are quite old.

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The pressure of the big international industries, the little incentive of the state and the lack of recognition mean that this profession is for a few and, consequently, unattractive for the youngest.

This documentary is a tribute to all fishermen, to this entire class, which feeds and has fed our society for centuries. Almost invisible, living in a world outside this bubble of offices and technology, here, now, more essential than ever, a very rich trace of our humanity and culture.

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